Louisiana Business Consultants

If you’re looking for qualified, professional Louisiana business consultants, look no further then Exit Strategy USA. The state of Louisiana is ranked in the top 10 “Best States For Business” and the Louisiana economy continues to grow looking ahead to 2015. Nobody understands Louisiana business like ESU Co-founders Daryl Schouest and Mike Heffner.

Both Daryl and Mike have been providing business consulting in Louisiana for decades. Many Louisiana businesses have achieved success thanks to Exit Strategy USA as both Daryl and Mike have proven track records in their respected fields. Daryl and Mike have decades of experience serving Louisiana business owners and business owners all over the United States.

Daryl Schouest is one of the top financial analyst in Louisiana, From annual projections and monthly projections to cash flow analysis, Daryl has a wide scope of skills and abilities to help your business. Business management is such an important aspect of your business and the need to have a professional business management consultant is vital. With the experience to analyze your entire business from top to bottom, Daryl is a recommended choice for any business.

Mike Heffner is one of the best exit strategy planners in Louisiana, also bringing decades of experience to the table. Since the 1970s, Mike has been working with banks and money. Mike also has decades of experience helping banks and businesses with credit problems. From debt management and bankruptcy to business development financing, Mike also brings an unique set of skills and solutions to your business.

When it comes to Louisiana business consultants, you won’t find a more experienced team than Exit Strategy USA. If you’re a Louisiana business owner looking to find solutions and results, don’t hesitate to contact your local business consultants. If you are located outside of Louisiana, don’t worry, we can still help. Contact Exit Strategy USA today at (337) 418-9290.