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Clearly, a business needs a sound financial model upon which to grow their business. Most business owners look to their CPA’s and accountants for financial planning advice and for many business owners, that works; with a plan in hand, they know how to execute.

But what about those companies that were built on the strength of the owners’ determination and perseverance, not necessarily on strong management skill sets. Often, those companies don’t realize they need help until it’s too late. And then it’s a scramble to figure out why and then how to fix the problem.

Do you or your staff have the time to solve their day to day problems? Do you have the time to meet regularly with your client to review not only financial statements but operational performance as well? While a good set of financial statements will certainly “raise the flag” on looming problems, the solution to those problems must be identified, a plan must be developed to solve them, and the plan must be put into ACTION. That’s what we do…….and we do it well.

We listen carefully, gather information, and look for the strengths and weaknesses of a company’s operations. We’ll help the client focus on his strengths and work with him to build upon any weaknesses that are detected; such as credit risks, debt restructuring, or employee training. Our task is to provide your client with a complete overview of his company, its operations, and its strategy for success. And then to work with the client to plan and execute a dynamic strategy adapted to his/her current situation.

Got a Client in trouble now? Crisis Management—WOW, we’re good at it, but we prefer to be involved before the crisis hits. The good news is that most business owners do a good job running their companies and understand the basic principles of “good business practices” and truthfully, they probably don’t “need” our help; they know how to run their business. And the common denominator we have seen in many business crisis situations is that more often than not, the business owner is blindsided by a crisis he didn’t see coming; but could and should have anticipated.

And that’s how we like to manage a “Crisis” get ahead of the problem by identifying potential problems before they turn into a crisis; it’s cheaper, its simpler, and certainly more effective. Kinda like Hurricane Preparation…… if you know it’s coming, generally you can deal with it. Hurricanes are tough, but with notice you can prepare…. Tornado’s that hit you suddenly and without warning can be devastating

We work with Start-ups, retiring business owners, and distressed businesses, helping them recover, helping them find financing, and helping them get back on track. The Point is “We Work”, we work with you, we listen to you, and we can help your client achieve their business goals.

We’d be glad to listen to “Your Client Stories” anytime.