Mike Heffner Exit Strategy And Planning

With decades of exit strategy and planning experience under his belt, Mike Heffner is one of the most experienced exit strategist in the country. Mike Heffner is a professional Louisiana business consultant with Exit Strategy USA. Partnered with Louisiana financial analyst Daryl Schouest, Exit Strategy USA is one of the most experienced business consultant teams in Louisiana.

Mike began his career in banking in the 1970’s working for Guaranty Bank & Trust in Lafayette, LA.  After developing his skill and seasoning his education with experience, in the 1990’s he decided to begin his career as a consultant.  His specialty has been what is commonly known in banking circles as a “Work-out Specialist”. In reality he is a highly skilled Exit Strategy Planner that has worked both sides of the bargaining table; helping banks and helping businesses with credit problems.  His unique understanding of banking policies and FDIC requirements allows him to facilitate solutions that work for both the lender and the borrower.

As with most careers, Mike’s experiences broaden with each client; eventually leading him into the bankruptcy arena.  His exit planning skills were put to the test and developed to a higher level of understanding of how to help people and businesses with their financial problems.

Mike hasn’t limited his career to helping resolve financial difficulties, he has also worked with banks as they bought other banks; assisting with loan evaluation, risk assessment, and overall value of potential acquisition targets.  Involved in many successful bank mergers, Mike has earned a stellar reputation amongst his banking clients.

Inherent to planning Exit Strategies for clients, capitalization through equity investment and or business development financing are often critical elements to the process.  Mike has been involved and facilitated many creative solutions to the cash requirements associated with exit planning.  His role with previous clients has given him invaluable insights in the funding of corporate growth.