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Business Management Consultant Daryl Schouest

With over 30 years of experience in Louisiana business, there’s no question that Daryl Schouest is one of the most experienced business management consultants in the state. With an education that includes a Masters of Business Administration and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from the University of Louisiana-Lafayette, Daryl’s experience well exceeds 3 decades.

Over his career, Daryl has helped hundreds of business owners find success. From Southern Louisiana to North Amercica, his experience in business management consulting is second to none. Daryl has been an entrepreneur, consultant, and senior executive, highly skilled in public relations, marketing, sales, financial analysis, and management.  A catalyst in creating and establishing new initiatives, planning the implementation strategy, and managing to success.

Business Management Skills

Team Builder                                                                      Motivator                                                          Facilitator

Training Developer                                                          Workforce Trainer                                         Public Speaker

Technical Writer                                                              Time Manager                                                   Consultant

Financial Analyst                                                             Business Coach                                                  Planner

Public Relations                                                                Direct Sales                                                        Marketing



Oxlite Manufacturing, Breaux Bridge, LA                                                                                               1996 to 2012


Led the Oxlite Team to the #1 market position in the nation in the ATV/Powersports Ramp industry.  Built success teams in sales, manufacture, and operations.  Represented company in meetings with national accounts such as Costco, Home Depot, Tucker Rocky Distributing, and many others.

Real Estate Marketing & Consulting, Lafayette, LA                                                                          1989 to 1996


Started a real estate brokerage firm that grew to 30+ independent agents.  Responsible for day-to-day management, training, and coaching.  Affiliated with Better Homes & Gardens real estate network and earned recognition for production.  Broaden the scope to include a licensee training school, certified by the Louisiana Real Estate Commission.

American Builders & Associates, Lafayette, LA                                                                                   1990 to 1996


Formed and managed multiple limited partnerships to build spec-houses.  Planned the Business Strategy, identified the investors and secured their participation.  100% responsible for conceptualization, implementation and performance.

Executive Protection Systems, Lafayette, LA                                                                                        1979 to 1996


Organized and started a local alarm company.  Expanded services to include a 24/7 central station and expanded company to include a Bank Security Consulting/Training division and a contract courier service.  Grew the company to the #1 position in the local market, secured contracts with more than 20 financial institutions to develop training programs and train bank staff for security risks including armed robbery, kidnapping, and fraud.

As a Consultant, wrote and coordinated an Armed Robbery/Kidnapping response program for the local banks that detailed both Bank and Police responses.  Presented the program to local law enforcement , FBI, and bank CEO’s who adopted the plan as their official response strategy.  Trained the staff and implemented the program.

University of Louisiana-Lafayette                                                                                                              1973 to 1979


Worked with local law enforcement and community groups to secure initial funding for a regional police academy.  Wrote the grants, obtained approval, and implemented the program.

Developed the curriculum, met with regional Sheriffs and Police Chiefs to obtain their support, and managed an intensive 280 hour/5 day per week training program.  Built a team of volunteer instructors and coached/supported them in effective presentation modules.

Formed and worked with a regional advisory group to support the further development of the program.


First Director of transit system at UL-Lafayette.  Worked with focus groups, designed implementation strategy, and managed the daily operations.  Responsible for hiring and training drivers, implementing and managing a campus wide parking strategy, and developing all operation procedures associated with the program; logistics, routes, timing, financial, growth. Developed information systems to track registration, violations, and use.


Initially hired as a student police officer, advanced to training coordinator for the department, and conducted internal investigations for the University; reporting to the President in sensitive cases.



  • Founded and earned support for the Acadiana Law Enforcement Training Academy
  • Implemented the first UL-Lafayette Parking & Transit System
  • Formed and managed a local alarm company
  • Served as General Partner for several Limited Partnerships
  • Led manufacturing company to #1 market position in the nation
  • Coached a team of real estate agents to award winning success


  • Wrote the first mandated police training standard for the State of Louisiana
  • Developed and implemented a multi-agency public-private Security and Safety response program for financial institutions
  • Established standard operating procedures for multiple organizations
  • Created and worked with advisory commissions
  • Created the sales strategy for the Louisiana Equine Council Horse Expo
  • Conceived, sold, and published the “Resource Book” for the Louisiana Equine Council


  • Marketing Director, as a consultant, to the New Evangeline Downs in 1987 to re-start the company out of bankruptcy. Extensive public relations, marketing, and community support efforts to re-open the racetrack with a record breaking crowd.
  • Branded a product line into national prominence
  • Formed and worked with local law enforcement and FBI to form a regional advisory group to combat financial institution crime.
  • Worked with media organizations in various private and community related events
  • Wrote and implemented detailed and successful marketing strategies
  • Successfully conducted four campaigns for public office


  • Experience in selling concepts to high level executives such as bank presidents and investors
  • Achieved top honors in Real Estate
  • Created and sold advertising packages for Evangeline Downs Horse Racing Track resulting in revenue growth of as much as 1000% over prior year.
  • Direct sales experience into National Accounts such as Costo, Home Depot, Tractor Supply
  • High close rates on individual sales calls


  • Managed a start-up alarm company into the #1 company in the local market
  • Managed a manufacturing company into the #1 position in the nation
  • Grew a B2B customer base from approximately 1500 to over 6000
  • Created “name brand” recognition across multiple industries
  • Grew a real estate firm into the top 5 position in the local market in 3 years


  • Elected and appointed President, Treasurer, Secretary, Board of Directors, and Chair of multiple professional, civic, and government organizations.
  • Served as Chair of the Certification & Curriculum Committee for the Louisiana Peace Officer Standards and Training Council
  • Led many focus groups in problem solving tasks
  • Recognized and honored by peers in multiple industries and organizations
  • Appointed as Special Representative by Rotary Club to start a new club in Lafayette


  • Created in-house staff training programs
  • Served as consultant/trainer to a 100 agent real estate firm
  • Trained over 2000 Teller, Bank Presidents, and Police officers
  • Sales, Personal Development, Public Relations, Security, Law Enforcement, Team Building


  • Modeled financial performance as a consultant
  • Projected company growth, cash flow needs, and sales performance
  • Ability to interpret and analyze the financial performance of an organization

Community, Industry, and Public Service

  • Past President, Lafayette Board of Realtors; also served as treasurer and Vice-President. Served on multiple committees, some as chair
  • Past President of the Lafayette Rotary Club; also serving as secretary, treasurer, and on committees
  • Former Chair and member of multiple committees of the Lafayette Chamber of Commerce
  • Recipient of the Horace “Too-Too” Lacombe award from the Lafayette Area Safety Council
  • Former member of the Multi-Million Dollar Club of the Lafayette Board of Realtors
  • Charter Member, Louisiana Peace Officer Standards and Training Council; appointed by the Governor
  • Former Certification & Curriculum Chair for the Louisiana Peace Officer Standards and Training Council; certifying police training academy’s and police officers across the State
  • Former member of the Blue Ribbon Commission on Education, Lafayette Parish School Board
  • Former National advisory member to the Better Homes and Gardens real estate network
  • Former Executive Board Member of the Louisiana Police Jury Association
  • Former Chair of Bylaws committee of the Louisiana Police Jury Association
  • Elected President Region Three Police Jury Association
  • Former Board of Director, Treasurer of the Louisiana Equine Council
  • Former member of the Lafayette Parish Sheriff’s Department Auxiliary Deputy Program
  • Former member of the National Association of Counties, served on and chaired committees


  • Lafayette Parish Council 1984 to 1996
  • Lafayette Consolidated Government Council 1996 to 2000
  • Chair of the Lafayette Parish Council Twice
  • Chair of the Consolidated Government Council Twice
  • Multiple committee chair positions
  • Represented Government at state & national conventions, the State Legislature, and testified before Congress
  • Represented Consolidated Government as a member of a team in a bond rating review on Wall Street
  • Elected to the United Houma Nation Tribal Council 1992


  • Goal and Task Oriented
  • Results Driven
  • Self Motivated
  • Computer Literate
  • High Ethical Standards
  • Analytical Mindset
  • Good Natured and Friendly
  • Responsible
  • Excellent Health