Mike Heffner

Mike Heffner…… at your service

Debt Structure and Evaluation

Mike will review your current debt, its payback structure and make suggestions as to how you might improve your situation.  He will work with you to develop a strategy going forward, a strategy to improve cash flow, a strategy to reduce interest expense, and a strategy to go “Debt Free”.

Renegotiation with Lenders

Mike undertands the regulatory environment.  He works with banks everyday, assisting them in helping their customers stay in compliance with the ever changing FDIC rules and regulations.  Mike will put that experience and knowledge to work for you.  Negotiating with your current lender is a delicate task, Mike has that skill….. he does it everyday.

Problem Solving Supreme

Mike excells in problem solving.  With a soft approach, he’ll get to the point and the solultion.  If you are the problem… be ready, he will look you in the eye and tell you.  That’s a good thing and a very difficult part of his job.  But he does it respectfully and with a true concern for the welfare of his clients.  And his comments are always designed to help you solve the problem.